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Dinosaur Claws Replicas
Shop for Dinosaur Claws Replicas. Skeletons and Skulls Superstore is the leading supplier of contemporary dinosaur claws, toe, digit, fingers replicas, fossil skulls and skeletons. We Supply museums, schools, science institutions and people that love dinosaurs with high quality dinosaur elements. 

Our Museum Quality Dinosaur Fossil Claws Replicas include T-rex claw, bones, spikes, Acrocanthosaurus hand and toe claw, Allosaurus claw, Camarasaurus claw, Dromaeosaurus Claw, Edmontosaurus digit claw, Megaraptor claw, Nanotyrannus claw, Ornithomimus hand and toe claws, Therizinosaurus claw, Tyrannosaurus rex hand and toe claws, Velociraptor claw, Utahraptor claws. All of our Dinosaur Fossil Claws are made of poly resin.  

I hope you enjoy shopping our awesome collection of dinosaur fossil replicas.
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Dromaeosaurus Claws Replicas Models
Product Code: CL41
Dromaeosaurus Claws Replicas Models - albertensis killer claw. Judith River Formation. Upper Campanian Red Deer River Badiands. Drumheller Alberta Canada. Museum quality replica made in the USA.

Price: $38.00

Status: In-Stock

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