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Dinosaur Claws Replicas
Shop for Dinosaur Claws Replicas. Skeletons and Skulls Superstore is the leading supplier of contemporary dinosaur claws, toe, digit, fingers replicas, fossil skulls and skeletons. We Supply museums, schools, science institutions and people that love dinosaurs with high quality dinosaur elements. 

Our Museum Quality Dinosaur Fossil Claws Replicas include T-rex claw, bones, spikes, Acrocanthosaurus hand and toe claw, Allosaurus claw, Camarasaurus claw, Dromaeosaurus Claw, Edmontosaurus digit claw, Megaraptor claw, Nanotyrannus claw, Ornithomimus hand and toe claws, Therizinosaurus claw, Tyrannosaurus rex hand and toe claws, Velociraptor claw, Utahraptor claws. All of our Dinosaur Fossil Claws are made of poly resin.  

I hope you enjoy shopping our awesome collection of dinosaur fossil replicas.
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Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica
Product Code: SH10
Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Therizinosaurus Claw fossil will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector! This replica measures 56 cm or 22 inches and is a replica of the record large (28 inches) and rare dinosaur claw of Cretaceous Khazakistan and Inner Mongolia. An awesome Dinosaur claw! It is a shortened model of the particularly elongated record 28-inch claw from the rare dinosaur of Cretaceous Khazakistan and inner Mongolia. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Theizinosaurus Dinosaur Informational fun facts:
Therizinosaurus had a small head with a beaked mouth, atop a long neck. It was bipedal and had a large, heavy, deep body, as evidenced by the wide pelvis, 2.5 meter (8 ft) long arms, and legs that ended in four toes (three of which supported the animal's weight), which were tipped by short, curved claws. The most distinctive feature of the animal was the presence of three gigantic claws on its front limbs. Each of the three digits of its hand bore these claws, which reached nearly a meter (approximately 3 feet) in length. The largest claw was on the second digit.

The feeding habits of Therizinosaurus are still debated, but it was most probably an herbivore, using its big claws to push leaves into its mouth. Other hypotheses suggest that it was a termite eater, using its claws to open large termite nests - but it seems highly unlikely that an animal the size of Therizinosaurus could survive on a diet based on insects and features of the skull (including a beaked mouth and flattened teeth) suggest a herbivorous diet. It is thought that Therizinosaurus lived a similar lifestyle to modern gorillas or prehistoric ground sloths, using its long arms and sharp claws to grab food and foliage from trees.

There are other possible functions that could have been served by the claws of Therizinosaurus, such as defense against predators (e.g. the contemporary Tarbosaurus) and in intraspecific fighting, such as fighting for territory or for mating. The claws may even have served all these functions.    

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