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We manufacture, and sell osteological reproductions of human and animal bones, skeletons and skulls. Skeletons and Skulls Superstore provides replica reproductions to educational institutions, medical schools, museums, universities, and individuals who collect skulls.

Teaching Quality replicas are a wonderful substitute for using real skulls in hands-on learning programs. These exceptionally crafted replicas are also an economical alternative to our museum quality replicas. While these specimens replicate all major anatomical features, small details such as foramina and nasal concha may not be present.

We offer the most authentic fossil & skull reproductions available, (with the exception of our Fossil line, which are recreations based on the original bones). All of our replicas are cast from original specimens obtained from museums or private collections from around the world.

Cast in custom formulated polyurethane material, these replicas are durable to withstand extensive handling. Taken from actual skull samples, realistic reproductions are perfect as study aids or for display in museums.

Our skulls are hand-crafted by a skilled crew using proprietary techniques for preparing and making a mold of real skulls and casting in a custom-formulated polyurethane resin. We produce the finest replicas available that are the actual size of the original.

Each replica undergoes meticulous hand-finishing at our state-of-the-art facility. Our skilled artisans meticulously refine and perfect every aspect, ensuring that our replicas meet the most exacting standards of quality.

We utilize non-toxic stains that are carefully selected to closely match the color of the original bone, resulting in replicas that possess an unparalleled level of authenticity.

While some of our skulls are more delicate than others, with reasonable care all our replica specimens can be handled repeatedly in an educational setting.

Exploring our online catalog of zoology, fossils and human anatomy museum quality replicas will be an educational experience for everyone.

When you choose Skeletons And Skulls Superstore replicas, you are choosing a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is unmatched.

Experience the remarkable quality and authenticity of our skull replicas, and discover why discerning collectors and enthusiasts turn to us for the most extraordinary skull replicas available on the market today.

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