Bird or Aves Skulls

Shop For Museum quality bird or aves skulls for sale. All of our bird or Aves skulls are museum quality, cast from polyurethane resins and made in USA. Our percise bird skulls can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home decor skull, or office decor skull.

All of our products are nicely boxed, packaged and shipped daily. International orders are welcomed as well as purchase orders from museums, zoos and schools. Call 509-951-3557 we will help you place your order!

We currently have 81 bird skulls, skeletons and claws too choose from and they include: African Gray Hornbill, African Penguin, American White Pelican, Archaeopteryx, Bald Eagle, Barn Owl, Black Skimmer, Black Casqued Hornbill, Brandt’s Cormorant, Brown Pelican, California Concor, California Gull, Common Cactus Finch, Common Murre, Common Raven, Confuciusornis, Darwins Finches, Dodo bird, Domestic Duck, Domestic Goose, Emu, Golden Eagle, Great Horned Owl, Great Auk, Great Hornbill, Greater Flamingo, Greater Rhea, Greater Roadrunner, Toucan, Green Warbler, Helmeted Hornbill, Indian Yellow Nosed Albatross, King Penguin, King Vulture, Kookaburra, Lappert Faced Vulture, Large Cactus Finch, Large Ground Finch, Large Tree Finch, Lesser Flaminto, Magellan Penguin, Marabou Stork, Medium Ground Finch, Medium Tree Finch, Moa, Osprey, Ostrich, Phororhacos, Red Tail Hawk, Scarlet Ibis, Scarlet Macaw, Shoebill, Small Ground Finch, Small Tree Finch, Southern Cassowary, Teratornis Merriamai, Toco Toucan, Trumpeter Swan, Turkey, Turkey Vulture, Vegetarian Finch, White Thighed Hornbill, Woodpecker, and Yellow Casqued Hornbill.

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