Dinosaur Skeletons

Our dinosaur replicas are made of polyurethane resins, made in the USA and are precise reproductions of real dinosaur skeletons that are seen in museums. Skeletons and Skulls Superstore is the online leading supplier of precise museum quality dinosaur skeletons replicas.

We provide the finest osteological specimens for professional educational facilities. Our superior osteological reproductions are use in the study of advanced anatomy, anthropology, archaeology, forensics, pathology, primatology and zoology.

We currently have 19 different dinosaur skeletons to choose from and they are: Allodesmus Kelloggi, Chalicothere Moropus Elatus, Chasmosaurus Belli, Dimetrodon Limbatus, Dwarf Mammoth, Eremotherium Laurillardi, Eryops megacephalus, Maiasaura, Nyctosaurus, Plesiosaur, and Velociraptor.

All of our products are nicely boxed, packaged and shipped daily. International orders are welcomed as well as purchase orders from museums, zoos and schools. Call 509-951-3557 we will help you place your order!

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