Anteater Skull Replicas are museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA. Anteater Skull Replicas are made in the USA.

Shop for Cyclopedidae or Silky Anteater Skulls. We have a Giant Anteater skull and a cute Numbat Anteater skull that would make a great collection set together. All are made of polyurethane resins and are superb specimens.

All anteaters have elongated snouts equipped with a thin tongue that can be extended to a length greater than the length of the head; their tube-shaped mouths have lips but no teeth. They use their large, curved foreclaws to tear open ant and termite mounds and for defense, while their dense and long fur protects them from attacks from the insects. All species except the giant anteater have a long prehensile tail.