African Crested Rat Skull Replica measures 2.5 inches. African Crested Rat Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Known as Manned Rat

African Crested Rat or Manned Rat is found in Eastern Africa. They have been recorded from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Fossil remains have been discovered in Israel.

African Crested Rat or Manned Rat is found in woodlands and most frequently in highland areas. They are also found in lowlands, such as those of Somalia.

They live in burrows or holes in rocks, hollow dead tree trunks, holes near ravines, or in the bushy areas near river banks.

African Crested Rat or Manned Rat body length ranges from 225 to 360 mm and tail length from 140 to 175 mm. Females are generally larger than males. Maned rats have relatively short limbs and a long body.

African Crested Rat has a unique skull. Bony projections extend over the eye socket and the parietal section is enlarged. The skull is reinforced by additional bone in some areas.

These special features are presumed to be for added protection against attacks.

African Crested Rat fur color ranges from light gray to dark black or dark brown with patterns of white stripes, spots, and/or blotches.

Their tail is bushy and they have small ears. They are able to erect their fur by means of their complex glandular system.

African Crested Rat or Maned rats have several ways of dealing with the threat of predators. When threatened or alarmed, they will erect their mane causing them to have the appearance of a porcupine, they also emit a foul odor.

The glandular system then releases foul smelling chemicals similar to chemicals that are released by skunks. This behavior is a response to being disturbed or threatened. They expose their stripes to draw attention to these glands. Because of this, the glands are known to contain poisons or toxins.

One account details dogs foaming at the mouth and dying after ingestion of a Maned rat.