Aquila Skull Replica or Golden Eagle measures 5×3 inches & Claw replica measures 2.5 inches. Both are museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA.

The Accipitridae or Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is a bird of prey living in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is the most widely distributed species of eagle. Like all eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae. They are one of the best-known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere.

These birds are dark brown, with lighter golden-brown plumage on their napes. Immature eagles of this species typically have white on the tail and often have white markings on the wings.

The biomes occupied by Aquila or Golden eagles are roughly concurrent with those of Eurasia.

In western and northern Alaska and northern Canada to the Ungava Peninsula in Quebec, the eagles occupy the Arctic fringe of North America where open canopy gives way to dwarf-shrub heathland with cottongrass and tussock tundra.

In land-locked areas of the sub-Arctic, golden eagles are by far the largest raptor. From the Alaska Range to Washington and Oregon, it is often found in high mountains above the tree line or on bluffs and cliffs along river valleys below the tree line.

In Washington state, Aquila or Golden eagles can be found in clear-cut sections of otherwise dense coniferous forest zones with relatively little annual precipitation.

From east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the mountains of Labrador, the Golden eagle is found in small numbers in boreal forest peatlands and similar mixed woodland areas.

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the United States are plains and prairies where Golden eagles are widespread, especially where there is a low human presence. Here, grassland on low rolling hills and flat plains are typical, interrupted only by cottonwood stands around river valleys and wetlands where the eagles may build their nests.

Golden eagles also occupy the desert-like Great Basin from southern Idaho to northern Arizona and New Mexico. In this habitat, trees are generally absent other than junipers with vegetation being dominated by sagebrush and other low shrub species. Although the vegetation varies a bit more, similar habitat is occupied by Golden eagles in Mexico.

Aquila or Golden eagles occupy the mountains and coastal areas of California and Baja California in Mexico where hot, dry summers and moist winters are typical. They often nest in chaparral and oak woodland, oak savanna and grassland amongst low rolling hill typified by diverse vegetation.

In the Eastern United States, the species once bred widely in the Appalachian Plateau near burns, open marshes, meadows, bogs and lakes. In Eastern North America, the species still breeds on the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec.