Bufeo gris Skull Replica measures 12.9 inches. Bufeo gris Skull is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Also known as Tucuxi Gray River Dolphin

The Bufeo gris or Tucuxi Gray River Dolphin, is a species of freshwater dolphin found in the rivers of the Amazon basin.

The Bufeo gris is frequently described as looking similar to the bottlenose dolphin, but it is typically smaller at around 4.9 ft. The dolphin is colored light to bluish grey on its back and sides.

Bufeo gris or Tucuxi Gray River Dolphin forage in tight groups, often chasing fish in rapid dashes just below the water surface, with fish jumping out of their way.

Thirty species of fish are known to be prey, some living in protected lakes and channels, while others occur in fast-flowing rivers.

Tucuxis have been observed to feed with other river dolphins. They feed on a wide variety of fish. Studies of growth layers suggest the species can live up to 35 years. The oldest known animal was 36 years of age.

The eyes, teeth, and genital organs of Tucuxi Gray River Dolphin are sold throughout Northern Brazil as magical charms that promote good luck, love, and financial rewards.

Baths are also created with these body parts and are meant to help one attract sexual partners if they bathed in the water.

Other products such as perfumes and powders made with the genital organs are sold as aphrodisiacs. The number of dolphins harvested for magical or religious purposes and its effect on Tucuxi populations is unknown.