Bugler Swan Skull Replica or Trumpeter Swan Skull Replica measures 7.7 inches. Trumpeter Swan Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

The Bugler Swan or Trumpeter swan is the largest extant species of waterfowl, and both the heaviest and longest native bird of North America.

Adults usually measure 4 ft 6 in to 5 ft 5 in. long. The weight of adult birds is typically 15–30 lb.

Possibly due to seasonal variation based on food access and variability due to age, average weights in males have been reported to range from 24 to 28 lb. and from 21 to 23 lb. in females.

The Bugler Swan or Trumpeter swan’s wingspan ranges from 6 ft. 10 ft., with the wing chord measuring 24–27 in.

The adult Bugler Swan or Trumpeter swan’s plumage is entirely white. Like mute swan cygnets, the cygnets of the trumpeter swan have light grey plumage and pinkish legs, gaining their white plumage after about a year.

Trumpeter swan’s have upright posture and generally swims with a straight neck. The trumpeter swan has a large, wedge-shaped black bill that can, in some cases, be minimally lined with salmon-pink coloration around the mouth.

The bill, measuring 4.1–4.7 inches and is up to twice the length of a Canada goose’s bill and is the largest of any waterfowl.

The Bugler Swan or Trumpeter swan’s legs are gray-pink in color, though in some birds can appear yellowish gray to even black. The tarsus measures 4.1–4.7 in.

Bugler Swan or Trumpeter swan’s have similar calls to whooper swans and Bewick’s swans.

They are loud and somewhat musical creatures, with their cry sounding similar to a trumpet, which gave the bird its name.