C. leucurus Skull measures 2.7 inches. C. leucurus Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA.

The C. leucurus or White-tailed prairie dog is tan-brown in color, with large eyes and a dark patch on their cheeks above and below each eye.

C. leucurus are found only in North America. White-tailed prairie dog colonies are found in Wyoming, northwest Colorado, northeastern Utah, and south central Montana.

C. leucurus once occurred more widely, but eradication efforts have shrunk their range. White-tailed prairie dogs thrive in dry, high altitude areas.

The C. leucurus colony is about 54 acres. Though there are usually no discernible boundaries, prairie dogs do not usually wander far from their clans within colonies.

Within the colonies there are about 22 burrows per acre, both active and abandoned. Burrows are located around shrubs and usually have a few mounds surrounding the entrances.

The C. leucurus or White-tailed prairie dogs are diurnal. Like many prairie dog species, they are rarely active outside of their burrows after sunset or before sunrise. C. leucurus is inactive during the winter.

Predation by a myriad of different animals and the hunting of prairie dogs by humans for sport results in high mortality rates. Among pups there is about a 40% mortality rate.