Hogger Hyrax Skull Replica measures 2.9 inches. Hogger Hyrax Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Known as the Yellow Spotted Bush Hyrax.

Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax or Hogger Hyrax males and females on average do not vary in size, but sometimes the females will be slightly larger than the males.

They have short legs, a rudimentary tail and round ears. Their lateral and dorsal coloration tends to be grey among colonies found in arid regions and a dark reddish-brown among those found in more mesic regions.

While Hogger Hyrax are diurnal, 95 percent of the day is spent resting, sun basking in the morning and evening, but avoiding the midday heat. While sun basking is necessary for thermoregulation, it greatly increases the Hogger Hyrax risk of predation.

They remain vigilant and the dominant Hogger Hyrax male will keep watch on a high rock and will give a shrill alarm if there is danger.

Colonies of Hogger hyraxes include on average 34 individuals, but stable polygamous family groups make up the basic social unit.
Hogger Hyraxes are highly social animals.

Play behavior is generally limited to juveniles and includes fur nipping, biting, climbing, pushing, fighting, chasing, and mounting.

If they are attacked or threatened, they will bite aggressively. Their keen eyesight and good hearing enables them to be aware of approaching predators or potential threats.

Other documented behaviors of Hogger Hyrax include dust bathing to rid themselves of parasites. They also form latrines and habitually defecate and urinate in designated locations where they reside.