Ichneumia albicauda Skull Replica measures 3.9 inches. Ichneumia albicauda skull is museum quality polyurethane cast. Binomial name of White-Tailed Mongoose

Ichneumia albicauda or the White-tailed mongoose lives in most of Africa south of the Sahara, and the southern portion of the Arabian Peninsula.

It lives in a wide range of habitats, from semi-desert to savanna woodland, but avoid moist areas like the Congo River basin or extremely arid areas. It prefers areas of thick cover, such as the edges of forests and brushy streams.

In the East Sudanian Savanna, Ichneumia albicauda or the White-tailed mongoose was recorded in the transboundary Dinder–Alatash protected area complex during surveys between 2015 and 2018. Further northeast, it is also frequent in the Degua Tembien massif.

Though they may share a range, they forage separately. They are, for the most part, solitary creatures, with the male and female only coming together to mate.

Ichneumia albicauda or White Tailed Mongoose have long faces and bodies, small, rounded ears, short legs, and long, tapering tails.

The base of the large, bushy tail is brownish yellow, and on its distal half, the tail is white. This appendage may comprise up to 40% of the creature’s body length. This species lacks hair on its upper lip and on the forepaws. Females have four teats.

These mongooses are very vocal, and make an unusual barking sound that is associated with sexual behavior. If frightened, they will secrete a noxious substance from their anal glands.

They do not stand on their hind feet for any length of time like other mongooses.