Leptonychotes Seal Skull replica measures 11 inches. Leptonychotes Skull Seal replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Known as Weddell Seal

Leptonychotes or Weddell seals measure about 8 ft 2 in to 11 ft 6 in long and weigh 880 to 1,320 lb.

Leptonychotes or Weddell seals are commonly found on fast ice, or ice fastened to land, and gather in small groups around cracks and holes within the ice.

Leptonychotes or Weddell seals return to fast ice colonies during the spring for birthing and breeding.

Weddell seal populations will often return to the same breeding sites over consecutive breeding seasons. Depending on the latitude it inhabits, this marine mammal gives birth from early September through November, with those living at lower latitudes giving birth earlier.

Leptonychotes or Weddell seals usually give birth to one pup per year, however the Weddell seal is one of the only species of seals that can give birth to twin pups.

Birthing of the pup takes only one to four minutes. Newborn pups weigh about 25–30 kg and grow to two times their weight within their first week of life.

The pups take their first swim around one to two weeks of age. During the first two weeks, mother Weddell seals distinguish their pups through olfactory smells, and specialised vocalisations, and stay in the same spatial area.

After six to seven weeks, pups are weaned and begin to hunt independently.

The Fast ice breeding grounds of the Leptonychotes weddellii or Weddell seals cause females to cluster in large aggregations, making it easier for males to control their harem. The mating season occurs during austral spring between late November and December after pups are weaned and females begin ovulating.

The maximum lifespan of the species is estimated at least 25 years.