M. fascicularis Skull Replica measures 3.9 inches. M. fascicularis Skull is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Known as Crab Eating Macaque Monkey.

The M. fascicularis or the Crab Eating Macaque is an introduced alien species in several countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Nauru, Vanuatu, Pohnpei, Anggaur Island in Palau, and Mauritius.

This has led the Invasive Species Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature to list the M. fascicularis or Crab Eating Macaque as one of the “100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species”.

In Mauritius, it is a threat for the endemic and endangered Roussea simplex, as it destroys its flowers.

It also hinders germination of some endemic trees by destroying most of their fruits when unripe and competes with the endemic endangered Mauritian flying fox for native fruits.

Where it is not a native species, particularly on island ecosystems whose species often evolved in isolation from large predators, it is a documented threat to many native species.

The immunovaccine porcine zona pellucida (PZP), which causes infertility in females, is currently being tested in Hong Kong to investigate its use as potential population control.