Manis Javanica Skull Replica measures 3.2 inches. Manis Javanica Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw). Known as Sunda Pangolin

Manis Javanica or Sunda Pangolin inhabit a variety of landscapes, including primary and secondary forests, open savannah country, and areas vegetated with thick bush.

They are often observed in cultivated areas such as gardens and plantations.

Although they are terrestrial creatures that inhabit burrows, either excavated with their huge claws or borrowed from previous residents, they are known to be agile climbers and spend a lot of time within trees resting or searching for food.

Manis javanica or Sunda Pangolin are strikingly unique creatures, whose coat of movable and sharp-tipped scales are reminiscent of descriptions of a dragon’s armor or living pine cones as they are nicknamed.

They are 79-88 cm long, including the tail, and males are typically larger than females. They are covered from just above the nostrils to the tips of their tails by many rows of overlapping scales.

The scales on the back and sides are olive-brown to yellowish and hard. These scales are derived from hairs.

The underbelly and face are covered in whitish to pale-brown hair, and the skin is gray to bluish in color.

Males are larger than females. The Manis Javanica or Sunda Pangolin species has a small conical head with small eyes that are protected by thick eyelids. The external ear parts are greatly reduced. The nose is fleshy, and the mouth lacks teeth.

They have extremly long, thin tongues, capable of extending about 25 cm, which covered with a sticky saliva. This helps them collect termites and ants.

They have significant adaptations to account for their enormous tongue which passes through the chest cavity and anchors to the pelvis. These include lack of a clavicle, and and odd structure of their xiphisternum.

They are pentadactylous; their forefeet are equipt with pads on the soles, large digging claws and are longer and stronger than their hindfeet.

Manis Javanica or Malayan pangolins have prehensile tails and can close their nostril and ear openings.