Stenella attenuata Dolphin Skull Replica measures 16.5 inches. Stenella attenuata Dolphin Skull is cast in polyurethane resins, museum quality cast made in USA. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw). Known as Pantropical Spotted Dolphin.

The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin or Stenella attenuata has a slender body, a long narrow beak, and a dark grey dorsal cape and dorsal fin. Light spots cover the dark areas of the body.

The lips are white and there is an average of 40 pairs of teeth per jaw. The undersides are pale grey with dark spots.

The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin or Stenella attenuata is a species of dolphin found in all the world’s temperate and tropical oceans. The species was beginning to come under threat due to the killing of millions of individuals in tuna purse seines.

In the 1980’s, the rise of “dolphin-friendly” tuna capture methods saved millions of the species in the eastern Pacific Ocean and it is now one of the most abundant dolphin species in the world.

The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin is very active and is prone to making large, splashy leaps from the sea. Stenella attenuata is a common breacher and will often clear the water for a second or more. Bow-riding and other play with boats is common.

In the eastern Pacific, the dolphin is often found swimming with yellowfin tuna (hence the problem with dolphin deaths caused by tuna fishing). However, they do not feed on that fish.

Birth length is 80–90 cm. Adults are about 2.5 m long and weigh 110 to 140 kg. Sexual maturity is reached at 10 years in females and 12 years in males. The average lifespan is around 40 years.