White Bellied Pangolin Skull Replica measures 3 inches. White Bellied Pangolin Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Known as Tree Pangolin

White Bellied Pangolin or Tree pangolin is one of eight extant species of pangolins (“scaly anteaters”), and is native to equatorial Africa.

The White Bellied Pangolin is the most frequently encountered pangolin in Africa.

Named after the white skin on the underside of their bodies, they stand out from other Pangolin species by their smaller size, larger eyes and hairy forelimbs.

They average 60-105cm in length, with their long, prehensile tail contributing to about half of its entire body.

This tail, along with their clawed feet, helps them to climb trees and move around in the high branches. Their sharp, overlapping scales protect them as they curl up into a ball when in danger.

Female White Bellied Pangolin territories are solitary and small, less than 10 acres, and they rarely overlap.

Males have larger territories, up to 60 acres, which overlap many female territories, resulting in male/female meetings.

White Bellied Pangolin can demonstrate their availability through feces and urine markings as well as by spreading the scent produced by their anal glands.

The meetings between males and females are brief unless the female is in estrus, when mating occurs.

Gestation of young lasts 150 days, and one young per birth is normal. The young White Bellied Pangolin cannot walk at birth so it is carried on its mother’s tail.

It is weaned after three months, but it remains with its mother for five months in total. At first, the newborn’s scales are soft, but, after a few days, they start to harden.