Coatimundi Footprint Cast Replica Models


Coatimundi Footprint Cast Replica Models. Other common names are the ring-tailed coati, the brown-nosed coati, the southern coati, and the South American coati. Coatis are also referred to in some texts as coatimundis. The name coati or coatimundi is Tupian Indian in origin. The prefix “coati” means “belt”, and “Tim” means “nose” referring to the way the coatis tuck their noses under their bellies to sleep. Primarily omnivorous, coatis usually forage for fruits and invertebrates. Coatis like to eat palms, eggs, larval beetles, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, ants, termites, lizards, small mammals, rodents, and carrion. The long, black to brown tails of coatis with yellow rings are used for balance. Coatis have strong claws and forelimbs to climb and dig out food from under rotted logs. They can reverse the joints of the anklebone to descend trees headfirst.

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