Dicynodontian Skeleton Mounted

Dicynodontian Skeleton Mounted




Dicynodontian Skeleton Mounted Upper Permian measures 6.7×5.3×3.8 inches. Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Made in USA. – Austalobarbarus kotelnichi. From the collection of: Koltelnich Peleontological Museum in Russia. Polyurethane Cast. 255 million years ago.

Dicynodontia is a taxon of anomodont therapsids with beginnings in the mid-Permian, which were dominant in the Late Permian, survived the Permian Extinction that wiped out most other therapsids and continued on throughout the Triassic before dying out at the end of the period. The dicynodont skull is highly specialized, light but strong, with the synapsid temporal openings at the rear of the skull greatly enlarged to accommodate larger jaw muscles. The front of the skull and the lower jaw are generally narrow and, in all but a number of primitive forms, toothless. Instead, the front of the mouth is equipped with a horny beak, as in turtles. Food was processed by the retraction of the lower jaw when the mouth closed, producing a powerful shearing action.

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