Diplomystis Dentasus Fish Cast Plaque

Diplomystis Dentasus Fish Cast Plaque


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Diplomystis Dentasus Fish Cast Plaque measures 410 mm or 16.1 inches. Museum quality and made in the USA. Eocene Green River Ulrich Quarry. Knightia humilis also visible.

Diplomystus is an extinct genus of freshwater clupeomorph fish distantly related to modern-day extant herrings, alewives, and sardines. Diplomystis dentatus is well known from lower Eocene deposits from the Green River Formation in Wyoming. Specimens range from larval size to 65 cm and are commonly found in close association with the extinct herring Knightia sp. The Green River Formation is the remnant of a large lake whose mud would eventually be transformed into soft calcite-bearing shale.

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