Dunkleosteus Fish Cast Model Replica

Dunkleosteus Fish Cast Model Replica


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Dunkleosteus Fish Jaw Cast Model Replica measures 425mm or 16.7 inches. Museum quality, polyurethane resins. Made in the USA. Dinichthys Jaw (inferognathal). From the heavily armored skull of the giant Devonian Placoderm fish.

Dunkleosteus terrelli possessed a four-bar linkage mechanism for jaw opening that incorporated connections between the skull, the thoracic shield, the lower jaw and the jaw muscles joined together by movable joints. This mechanism allowed them to both achieve a high speed of jaw opening, opening their jaws in 20 milliseconds and completing the whole process in 50–60 milliseconds. Fossils of Dunkleosteus are frequently found with boluses of fish bones, semi-digested and partially eaten remains of other fish.

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