Parma Wallaby Skull Replica


The Parma Wallaby (Notamacropus parma) is a small marsupial macropod mammal native to forests and densely-vegetated areas of northeastern New South Wales, Australia, close to the border with Queensland.


Parma Wallaby Skull Replica measures 4.3x2x1.3 inches. Parma Wallaby Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Made in USA. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw). Our precise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home décor skull, or office décor skull.

The Parma Wallaby or Notamacropus parma is a shy cryptic creature of the wet forests of northern New South Wales, Australia. These Wallabies are also known as White Throated Wallabies.

The Parma Wallaby or Notamacropus parma is the smallest member of the genus Macropus, at between 7.1 and 12.8 lb., less than one tenth the size of the largest surviving member, the Red kangaroo is about 1.6 ft. in length, with a sparsely furred, blackish tail about the same length again.

The fur is a reddish or grayish brown above, greyer about the head, and fading to pale grey underneath. Presumably, individuals had been sighted many times during the years when it was “extinct”, but mistaken for an especially slender and long-tailed example of the otherwise similar red-legged or Red-necked Pademelon.

Like the Pademelons, it prefers to occupy wet sclerophyll forest with thick undergrowth, and grassy patches, although the wallabies are also found occasionally in dry eucalypt forest and even rainforest.

The Parma Wallaby or Notamacropus parma is mainly nocturnal and usually shelters in thick scrub during the day, through which it can travel at speed along the runways it makes.

It emerges from cover shortly before dusk to feed on grasses and herbs in forest clearings. The Parma Wallaby is largely solitary, with two or at most three animals sometimes coming together to feed in favorable circumstances.

Although the Notamacropus parma remain rare, there seems to be no immediate threat to it, if more habitat is not destroyed, and the population is thought to be slowly increasing.

In 1967 it was found that they still existed near Gosford, New South Wales, although not common, was to be found in the Great Dividing Range from near Gosford almost as far north as the Queensland border.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4.3 × 2 × 1.3 in
Parma Wallaby Facts

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Infraclass: Marsupialia
Order: Diprotodontia
Family: Macropodidae
Genus: Macropus
Species: M. parma
Binomial name: Macropus parma
Conservation status: Near Threatened