Southern Sea Lion Female Skull Replica


Southern Sea Lion Female Skull Replica measures 10.5 inches or 27cm. The Southern Sea Lion Female Skull Replica is Museum quality Polyurethane cast made in USA.

The South American sea lion males have a very large head with a well-developed mane. They are twice the weight of females. Both males and females are orange or brown colored with upturned snouts.

Adult males can grow over 9 ft. and weigh up to 770 lbs. Adult females grow up to 7 ft. and weigh about 330 lbs. The South American sea lion is found along the coasts and offshore islands of South America. South American sea lions consume numerous species of fishes, including Argentine hake and anchovies. They also eat shortfin squid, Patagonian squid, and octopus. They have even been observed preying on penguins, pelicans, and young South American fur seals. South American sea lions may forage at the ocean floor for slow-moving prey or hunt schooling prey in groups, depending on the area. When captured, the prey is shaken violently and torn apart. South American sea lions have been recorded to take advantage of the hunting efforts of dusky dolphins, feeding on the fish they herd together. The sea lions themselves are preyed on by killer whales and sharks, and visited as a handy source of blood by common vampire bats from Isla Pan de Azúcar.

Sea lion mothers remain with their newborn pups for nearly a week before making a routine of taking three-day foraging trips and coming back to nurse the pups. They act aggressively to other females that come close to their pups, as well as alien pups that try to get milk from them. Pups first enter the water at about four weeks and are weaned at about 12 months. This is normally when the mother gives birth to a new pup. Pups gradually spend more time in the nearshore surf and develop swimming skills.

It’s scientific name is Otaria flavescens and is also called the southern sea lion and the Patagonian sea lion. The Southern American sea lion is found on the Chilean, Ecuador, Peruvian, Uruguayan, Argentine and Southern Brazilian coasts.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 in
Southern Sean Lion Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Clade: Pinnipedia
Family: Otariidae
Genus: Otaria
Species: O. flavescens
Binomial name: Otaria flavescens
Conservation status: Least concern – A least concern species is a species that has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as evaluated as not being a focus of species conservation. They do not qualify as threatened, near threatened, or (before 2001) conservation dependent.


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