Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax Skull Replica measures 2.9 inches. Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw).

The name-giving feature of the Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax or Heterohyrax brucei is a dorsal gland located on the lower back beneath a raised skin patch about 1.5 cm long and surrounded by erectile hairs. However, not all Heterohyrax species have a dorsal gland.

The secretions of the gland stain a dorsal spot of reddish-ochre to a dirty white coloration, but most commonly appears yellow. The gland is associated with sexual arousal and also plays a role in maternal recognition by young.

Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax or Heterohyrax brucei males and females on average do not vary in size, but sometimes the females will be slightly larger than the males. They have short legs, a rudimentary tail and round ears. Their lateral and dorsal coloration tends to be grey among colonies found in arid regions and a dark reddish-brown among those found in more mesic regions. Their pelts are thick and course with guard hairs measuring up to 30 mm.

Yellow-Spotted Bush Hyrax or Heterohyrax brucei also has specialized glands on the pads of their feet that increase their grip which helps them navigate slick rock surfaces. The pads of their feet are flat and naked while secretions from these glands keep the pads moist. The muscles in the feet contract the foot into a cup-like shape, thus resulting in a suction cup-like effect.

Hyraxes are known to be excellent climbers due to this specialization and it has even been observed that if shot, they will remain perpendicular on the rock surface as if stuck to the surface.

The forepaw has three well-developed digits, a rudimentary thumb, and a small fifth digit. Their digits have flat, hoof-like nails, except for the second digit, which has long, curved claw that is used for grooming. The hind paw is similar except lacking a big toe and the fifth digit is rudimentary.

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