Arctictis Binturong Skull Replica


The Binturong is also known as the Bearcat, is a viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia. It is uncommon in much of its range, and has been assessed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List because of a declining population.


Arctictis Binturong Skull Replica measures 5.7 inches. Arctictis Binturong Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast made in USA. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw). Our precise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum bear skull exhibit, home décor skull, or office décor skull.

Arctictis binturong are the largest species in the Viverridae family, weighing 9 to 20 kg. Their body length is 61 to 96 cm with an almost equal tail length of 56 to 89 cm. Females are 20 percent larger than males.

Long, coarse, black fur covers their bodies and sometimes has gray tips. Their faces have slightly lighter fur and white whiskers. Long ear tufts protrude from small rounded ears. Their eyes are small and reddish brown.

Arctictis binturong are one of two carnivorous species that have a prehensile tail. Their third and fourth digits are syndactylous.

Arctictis binturong are in the order Carnivora, but are primarily frugivorous. They eat fruits such as those of the strangler fig tree. They are also good hunters and their prey consists of many small animals such as insects, birds, fish, and rodents.

As opportunistic feeders, Arctictis binturong will also eat carrion, eggs, tree shoots, and leaves. They can live up to 18 years in the wild and can live over 25 years in captivity.

Arctictis binturong, also known as Bearcat, is a viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia. It is uncommon in much of its range, and listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature because of a declining population trend that is estimated at more than 30 percent over the last three decades.

Binturongs or Arctictis binturong is confined to tall forests. In Assam, it is common in foothills and hills with good tree cover.

It has been recorded in Manas National Park, in Dulung and Kakoi Reserved Forests of the Lakhimpur district, in the hill forests of Karbi Anglong, North Cachar Hills, Cachar and Hailakandi Districts.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 in
Arctictis Binturong Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Suborder: Feliformia
Family: Viverridae
Subfamily: Paradoxurinae
Genus: Arctictis
Temminck, 1824
Species: A. binturong
Binomial name: Arctictis binturong
Conservation status: Vulnerable