Chasmosaurus Belli Dinosaur Skull is museum quality polyurethan replica. Chasmosaurus Belli Dinosaur Skull measures 84″ length by 46 Width. From the long-frilled ceratopsid herbivore dinosaur of Createceous Alberta Canada. Our precise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home decor skull, or office decor skull. Call 509-951-3557 for shipping quote.

Chasmosaurus Belli dinsoaur was a medium-size ceratopsid. In 2010 G.S. Paul estimated the length of C. belli at 4.8 meters, its weight at two tonnes; C. russelli would have been 4.3 meters long and weighed 1.5 tonnes.

The known differences between the two species mainly pertain to the horn and frill shape.. Like many ceratopsians, Chasmosaurus had three main facial horns – one on the nose and two on the brow.

In both species these horns are quite short. The frill of Chasmosaurus Belli dinosaur is very elongated and broader at the rear than at the front. It is hardly elevated from the plane of the snout. With C. belli the rear of the frill is V-shaped and its sides are straight.

The postcranium of Chasmosaurus belli dinosaur is best preserved in the specimen known as NHMUK 4948. The first three cervical vertebrae are fused into a unit known as a syncervical, as in other neoceratopsians.

There are five other cervicals preserved in this specimen, for a total of eight, which likely represents a complete neck. Cervicals four to eight are amphiplatian, wider than long, and roughly equal in length. The dorsal vertebrae are also amphiplatian.

C. belli possessed a synsacrum, a compound unit composed of sacral, dorsal, and sometimes caudal vertebrae, depending on the specimen.

The Chasmosaurus specimen NMC 2245 recovered by C.M. Sternberg was accompanied by skin impressions. The area conserved, from the right hip region, measured about one by 0.5 meters.

The skin appears to have had large scales in evenly spaced horizontal rows among smaller scales. The larger scales had a diameter of up to fifty-five millimeters and were distanced from each other by five to ten centimeters.

They were hexagonal or with five or six sides. Each of these sides touched somewhat smaller scales, forming a rosette. Small, non-overlapping convex scales of about one centimeter in diameter surrounded the whole.

The larger scales were wrinkled due to straight grooves orientated perpendicular to their edges. From top to bottom, the large scale rows gradually declined in size.

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Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 46 in
Chasmosaur Belli Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Dinosauria
Order: †Ornithischia
Family: †Ceratopsidae
Subfamily: †Chasmosaurinae
Genus: †Chasmosaurus
Species: †C. belli
Conservation Status: Extinct