Dinosaur Footprint Eubrontes Replica is the name of fossilized dinosaur footprints dating from the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic time periods. Eubrontes refers to the name of the footprints, which are identified by their shape. The Dinosaur Footprint Eubrontes Replica Measures 16″ x 11.5″.  Imprint size is 8″ x 14.5″

The dinosaur footprints eubrontes were first described by Edward Hitchcock, a professor of Amherst College, who thought they were made by a large bird.

He originally assigned them to ichnotaxon Ornithichnites in 1836, then Ornithoidichnites in 1841, before coining dinosaur footprints Eubrontes in 1845. The name means “true thunder,” probably referring to the supposed weight of the animal impacting on the ground.

In 1858 Hitchcock still described the tracks as those of “a thick-toed bird,” since there was no evidence of tail drag marks. But by the time that Richard Swann Lull began working on the tracks in 1904, they were thought to belong to a dinosaur.

Lull originally thought they were from a herbivore, but by 1953 he concluded they were from a carnivorous theropod. Many later authors have agreed with this interpretation, but some have suggested that they are from a prosauropod. Regardless, they are almost certainly saurischian.

Cast of a tridactyl dinosaur footprint Eubrontes from the Triassic of the Czech Republic (sandstone quarry near Červený Kostelec) A typical Eubrontes print is from 25–50 cm long, with three toes that terminate in sharp claws.

It belongs to a biped that must have been over one meter high at the hip and from 5–6 meters long.

In the 1960’s Edwin Colbert and others supposed that a large heavy carnivore like Teratosaurus (then considered to be a dinosaur) made the track, but a possible candidate is Dilophosaurus, a large theropod related to Coelophysis, or a close relative such as Podokesaurus. However no Dilophosaurus fossil material is associated with Eubrontes tracks.

Another major find occurred at Rocky Hill, Connecticut in 1966. Nearly 600 prints are preserved there in an area now designated Dinosaur State Park.

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