Eurasian Hedgehog Skull Replica


Hedgehogs are covered with sharp quills that aid in their protection. Many species of hedgehogs can roll into a ball, hiding all vulnerable areas of the body under the protective spines.


Eurasian Hedgehog Skull Replica measures 2.1 inches. Eurasian Hedgehog Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium and jaw). Made in the USA. Our precise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home décor skull, or office décor skull.

The European hedgehog or Erinaceus europaeus, also known as the West European hedgehog or common hedgehog, is a hedgehog species found in Europe, from Iberia and Italy northwards into Scandinavia. Erinaceus europaeus is from Western and Central Europe. Insectivore.

The European hedgehog or Erinaceus europaeus is a generally common and widely distributed species that can survive across a wide range of habitat types.

It is a well-known species, and a favorite in European gardens, both for its endearing appearance and its preference for eating a range of garden pests.

While populations are currently stable across much of its range, it is thought to be declining severely in Great Britain.

The Eurasian Hedgehog or Erinaceus europaeus has a generalized body structure with unspecialised limb girdles. The animal appears brownish with most of its body covered by up to 6,000 brown and white spines.

Length of head and body is 6.3 in. at weaning, increasing to 10 in.  or more in large adults. This species has an extremely short tail as an almost vestigial feature, typically 0.79 to 1.18 in.

The Eurasian hedgehog or Erinaceus europaeus is omnivorous, feeding mainly on invertebrates. Its diet includes slugs, earthworms, beetles, caterpillars and other insects. The preferred arthropods are the millipedes Glomeris marginata and Tachypodoiulus niger as well as the ground beetle. Some fruits and mushrooms may supplement their diet.

European hedgehogs or Erinaceus europaeus may live to ten years of age, although the average life expectancy is three years.

Starvation is the most common cause of death, usually occurring during hibernation. If alarmed, the animal will roll into a ball to protect itself. Many potential predators are repelled by its spines.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.1 in
Eurasian Hedgehog Facts

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Eulipotyphla
Family: Erinaceidae
Genus: Erinaceus
Species: E. europaeus
Binomial name: Erinaceus europaeus
Conservation status: Least concern