Gray Wolf Negative Footprint measures 5.6 inches. Gray Wolf Negative Footprint is museum quality polyurethane cast. Made in USA. Our precise footprint can be used as a teaching tool, museum footprint exhibit, home decor footprint, or office decor footprint.

The Gray Wolf or Canis lupus are also known as Grey wolf, is a large canine native to Eurasia and North America. The wolf’s fur is usually mottled white, brown, gray, and black, although subspecies in the arctic region may be nearly all white.

Of all members of the genus Canis, the wolf is most specialized for cooperative game hunting as demonstrated by its physical adaptations to tackling large prey, its more social nature, and its highly advanced expressive behavior, including individual or group howling.

It travels in nuclear families consisting of a mated pair accompanied by their offspring. Offspring may leave to form their own packs on the onset of sexual maturity and in response to competition for food within the pack.

Gray Wolves or Canis lupus are also territorial, and fights over territory are among the principal causes of mortality.

The Gray Wolf is mainly a carnivore and feeds on large wild hooved mammals as well as smaller animals, livestock, carrion, and garbage. Single wolves or mated pairs typically have higher success rates in hunting than do large packs.

Pathogens and parasites, notably the rabies virus, may infect wolves. Gray Wolves or Canis lupus have a long history of interactions with humans, having been despised and hunted in most pastoral communities because of their attacks on livestock, while conversely being respected in some agrarian and hunter-gatherer societies.

Although the fear of wolves exists in many human societies, the majority of recorded attacks on people have been attributed to animals suffering from rabies.

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