Mesohippus bairdi Skeleton Replica measures 36″ Height, 22″ width. Mesohippus bairdi Skeleton Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Made in USA. Mounted. Please call 509-951-3557 for crate and shipping quote. Our precise skeleton can be used as a teaching tool, museum skeleton exhibit, home decor skeleton, or barn decor skeleton.

Mesohippus bairdi had low crowned teeth that would have been well suited to browsing leaves from bushes, small trees, and fruit.

Its long tail was over 1/4 its total body length. North American horses including Mesohippus bairdii had 17 thoracic vertebrae, while European horses had 18.

Mesohippus bairdi had long legs and stood 6 hands tall. This equid is the first fully tridactyl horse in the evolutionary record, with the third digit being longer and larger than its second and fourth digits.

Mesohippus bairdi had pads like seen in Hyracotherium and Orohippus. The face was longer and larger than earlier equids. It had a slight facial depression, in the skull. The eyes were rounder, and were set wider apart and farther back than in Hyracotherium.

Fossils of Mesohippus bairdi, the next important ancestor of the modern horse, are found in the early and middle Oligocene of North America (the Oligocene Epoch lasted from about 33.9 million to 23 million years ago).

Mesohippus was far more horse like than its Eocene ancestors: it was larger (averaging about 6 hands high); the snout was more muzzle like; and the legs were longer and more slender. Mesohippus bairdi also had a larger brain.

The fourth toe on the forefoot had been reduced to a vestige, so that both the forefeet and hind feet carried three functional toes and a footpad. The teeth remained adapted to browsing.

Mesohippus bairdi premolar teeth became more like molars. These premolars are said to be “molariform.” The primitive triangular premolar pulps food, while the squared molariform teeth crush and grind food.

This might reflect a shift from a more diverse diet including fruit to a more limited diet of leaves and possibly grass.

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 22 in
Mesohippus Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Equidae
Subfamily: †Anchitheriinae
Genus: †Mesohippus
Scientific name: Mesohippus
Conservation Status: Extinct -Extinction is the termination of a kind of organism or of a group of kinds (taxon), usually a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species.