Modern Man Human Left Femur is museum quality polyurethane replica. Made in USA. Homo sapiens. Old World origins from Homo erectus, 100,000 years ago.

The femur or thigh bone is the only bone in the thigh. The thigh is the region of the lower limb between the hip and the knee. In many four-legged animals the femur is the upper bone of the hindleg.

The top of the femur fits into a socket in the pelvis called the hip joint, and the bottom of the femur connects to the shinbone (tibia) and kneecap (patella) to form the knee. In humans the femur is the largest and thickest bone in the body.

The femur is the only bone in the upper leg. The two femurs converge medially toward the knees, where they articulate with the proximal ends of the tibiae. The angle of convergence of the femora is a major factor in determining the femoral-tibial angle. Human females have thicker pelvic bones, causing their femora to converge more than in males.

The femur is the largest and thickest bone in the human body. By some measures, it is also the strongest bone in the human body. This depends on the type of measurement taken to calculate strength. Some strength tests show the temporal bone in the skull to be the strongest bone.

The femur length on average is 26.74% of a person’s height, a ratio found in both men and women and most ethnic groups with only restricted variation, and is useful in anthropology because it offers a basis for a reasonable estimate of a subject’s height from an incomplete skeleton.

The femur is categorised as a long bone and comprises a diaphysis (shaft or body) and two epiphyses (extremities) that articulate with adjacent bones in the hip and knee.

The upper extremity of right femur viewed from behind and above, showing head, neck, and the greater and lesser trochanter
The upper or proximal extremity (close to the torso) contains the head, neck, the two trochanters and adjacent structures. The upper extremity is the shortest femoral extremity, the lower extremity is the thickest femoral extremity.

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