Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton measures 24.5×13 inches. Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton is museum quality polyurethane resins made in USA. Hongshanosaurus is the scientific name. Our precise skeleton can be used as a teaching tool, museum skeleton exhibit, home decor, or office decor skeleton.

The species of Psittacosaurus or Hongshanosaurus vary in size and specific features of the skull and skeleton, but share the same overall body shape. Psittacosaurus postcranial skeletons are more typical of a ‘generic’ bipedal ornithischian. There are only four digits on the hand, while the four toed hind foot is very similar to many other small ornithischians.

The skull of Psittacosaurus or Hongshanosaurus is highly modified compared to other ornithischian dinosaurs of its time. Extremely tall in height and short in length, the skull has an almost round profile in some species. The portion in front of the orbit (eye socket) is only 40 percent of total skull length, shorter than any other known ornithischian.

The lower jaws of psittacosaurs or Hongshanosaurus are characterised by a bulbous vertical ridge down the center of each tooth. Both upper and lower jaws sport a pronounced beak, formed from the rostral and predentary bones, respectively.

The bony core of the Hongshanosaurus beak may have been sheathed in keratin to provide a sharp cutting surface for cropping plant material. As the generic name suggests, the short skull and beak superficially resemble those of modern parrots.

Psittacosaurus or Hongshanosaurus share several adaptations with more derived ceratopsians, such as the unique rostral bone at the tip of the upper jaw, and the flared cheek bones.

There is still no sign of the bony neck frill or prominent facial horns which would develop in later ceratopsians. Bony horns protrude from the skull of P. sibiricus, but these are thought to be an example of convergent evolution.

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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 13 in
Psittacosaurus Facts

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Dinosauria
Order: †Ornithischia
Clade: †Marginocephalia
Suborder: †Ceratopsia
Family: †Psittacosauridae
Genus: †Psittacosaurus
Type species: Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
Conservation Status: Extinct