Red-Tailed Hawk Foot Replica


Red Tailed Hawks are impressive predators belonging to the group called raptors or birds of prey. These hawks are equipped with keen eyesight for locating prey, powerful talons for grasping and killing and a sharp hooked beak for tearing flesh.


Red-Tailed Hawk Foot Replica measures 5.11 inches. Red-Tailed Hawk Foot replica is museum quality, polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA. Buteo jamaicensis is the scientific name. Our precise foot can be used as a teaching tool, museum foot exhibit, home décor foot, or office décor foot.

Red-Tailed Hawk or Buteo jamaicensis is found in North America to Panama and is a roadside predator of small mammals. The Red-tailed Hawk or Buteo jamaicensisis a medium-sized bird of prey know as a raptor.

They have long, broad wings and short, wide tails with reddish brown color. The juvenile red-tailed hawk lacks the red tail. These hawks are often seen perched near roadsides or soaring over open fields searching for mice, snakes and other rodents.

The Red-tailed hawk or Buteo jamaicensis plumage can be variable, depending on the subspecies and the region. These color variations are morphs, and are not related to molting. They have a whitish underbelly, formed by horizontal streaks in feather patterning, is present in most color variations.

The Adult red-tailed hawk or Buteo jamaicensis have a dark brown nape and upper head which gives them a somewhat hooded appearance, while the throat can variably present a lighter brown. Especially in younger birds, the underside may be otherwise covered with spotting and some adults may too manifest this stippling.

The back is usually a slightly darker brown than elsewhere with paler scapular feathers, ranging from tawny to white, forming a variable imperfect “V” on the back.

The tail of most adults, is rufous brick-red above with a variably sized black subterminal band and generally appears light buff-orange from below.

The typical pale immatures typically have a mildly paler head and tend to show a darker back than adults with more apparent pale wing feather edges above. In immature red-tailed hawks of all morphs, the tail is a light brown above with numerous small dark brown bars of roughly equal width, but these tend to be much broader on dark morph birds.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5.11 in
Red-Tailed Hawk Facts

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Accipitriformes
Family: Accipitridae
Genus: Buteo
Species: B. jamaicensis
Binomial name: Buteo jamaicensis
Conservation status: Least concern