Dinosaur Bones Sand Box Panel measures 4×4 feet, thickness of the panel 6″-7″. The Dinosaur Bones Sand Box Panel is Museum quality polyurethane resin cast, made in the USA. A perfect fossil dig in sand activity for museums, camps, schools and playgrounds. Cast in very thick and strong light weight resin and fiberglass. Please call 509-951-3557 for a crate and shipping quote.
A. Triceratops brow horns
B. Duckbill jaw with tooth battery
C. Iguanodon thumb
D. Dinosaur toe claw (2)
E. Duckbill toes (2)
F. Duckbill cervical vertebra
G. T-rex tooth with root
H. Duckbill illium & ischium
I. Duckbill scapula
J. Triceratops tooth
K. Duckbill tibia
L. Duckbill skin bone
M. Acrocanthosaur claw

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Dimensions 28 × 28 in