Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Skull


The Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus) is a New World cottontail rabbit, a member of the family Leporidae. It is the most common rabbit species in North America. They can be found in meadows and shrubby areas in the eastern and south-central United States.


Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Skull Replica measures 3.1 inches. Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw) Made in USA. Our precise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home décor skull, or office décor skull.

Eastern Cottontail rabbit or Sylvilagus floridanus can be found throughout much of North America. They are very adaptive and occupy all terrains and most habitats. Eastern Cottontail rabbits or Sylvilagus floridanus are born altricial, or naked of hair and are dependent on their mothers for many weeks.

The Eastern Cottontail rabbit or Sylvilagus floridanus are 15 to 18 inches long and weigh between two and three pounds. They can range in color from a light brown to a darker gray. Habitat characteristics and color tones are important in determining the dominant color type of Eastern Cottontial rabbits or Sylvilagus floridanus found in a particular locale.

Cottontails have relatively long, erectly held ears, large back feet and their signature, white, fluffy, “cotton” tail.

The dusk and dawn pattern of foraging activity is augmented in the summer by a nocturnal time expansion. During the day, the Eastern Cottontail rabbit or Sylvilagus floridanus stays safely hidden from predators in thickets, brush piles or in hollow logs.

Eastern Cottontails confronted with danger either freeze in place to take advantage of their cryptic coloration or dart away in a rapid, zigzag manner. Running speeds of the eastern cottontail can reach eighteen miles per hour.

The lifespan of the Eastern Cottontail rabbit or Sylvilagus floridanus averages about two years, depending on the location.

Almost every living carnivorous creature comparable to or larger in size than the Eastern Cottontail rabbit or Sylvilagus floridanus is a potential predator, including such diverse creatures as domestic dogs, cats, humans, snakes, coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, and if the Cottontail is showing signs of illness, even squirrels.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.1 in
Cottontail Rabbit Facts:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Lagomorpha
Family: Leporidae
Scientific name: lagomorph–sylvilagus-floridanus
Genus: Sylvilagus
Type species: Lepus sylvaticus