Chiselers Skull Replica measures 2.7 inches. Chiselers Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA.

The Chiselers or White-tailed prairie dog is tan-brown in color, with large eyes and a dark patch on their cheeks above and below each eye.

Chiselers are found only in North America. White-tailed prairie dog colonies are found in Wyoming, northwest Colorado, northeastern Utah, and south central Montana.

At sunrise Chiselers or White-tailed prairie dogs begin to emerge from their burrows. The adults, usually females, come out first to check for predators, and then pups appear.

They are most active during mid morning and mid afternoon. White-tailed prairie dogs spend most of their days feeding and playing.

There is some time spent repairing the burrows and mounds surrounding their tunnels, though this activity is rare at any other time of the year.

Pups typically stay near their home burrow and spend much of their days playing with others. Pups of the same clan often wrestle and chase each other around.

Unlike other species of prairie dogs, white-tailed prairie dog pups have been observed playing and interacting with pups from other clans, even entering the burrow of a pup from another clan.

Females typically cease interactions with their pups soon after pups emerge from burrows.

Adult male Chiselers or White-tailed prairie dogs and pups rarely interact and adults sometimes display aggression towards pups.

When a pup matures, they move to the periphery of the colony or to another colony altogether.