Whales and Narwhales Skulls Replicas are museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Whales and Narwhales skulls are made in USA.

They are fully aquatic, open-ocean animals: they can feed, mate, give birth, suckle and raise their young at sea.

They have small eye orbits, long snouts (with the exception of monodontids and ziphiids) and eyes placed on the sides of its head.

Whales are known to teach, learn, cooperate, scheme, and grieve.

Unlike most animals, whales are conscious breathers. All mammals sleep, but whales cannot afford to become unconscious for long because they may drown.

While knowledge of sleep in wild cetaceans is limited, toothed cetaceans in captivity have been recorded to sleep with one side of their brain at a time. This allows them to swim, breathe consciously, and avoid both predators and social contact during their period of rest.