Our Cow skulls are museum quality polyurethane resins. Our Cow Skulls are made in the USA and are precise models of real Bovinae skulls.

Cattle or Bos taurus are large, domesticated, cloven-hooved herbivores. They are a prominent modern member of the subfamily Bovinae and the most widespread species of the genus Bos. Adult female cattle are referred to as cows and adult male cattle are referred to as bulls.

The Cow skull anatomy comprises cranial and facial bones. Most of these bones are irregular in shape and united immovably with the help of sutures, except the mandible. You will find some paired bones and single bones in the cow anatomy.

The cranial bones of the cow or ox from the cranial cavity accommodate the brain, different parts of orbit, middle, and internal ears.

The cranium of the cow is quadrangular and larger externally than in the horse. The basilar part of the cow occipital bone is short, wide, and very thick. It helps to form the posterior part of the floor of the cranial cavity. The cerebral surface of the basilar part is deeply concave.