Cygnus buccinator Skull Replica or Trumpeter Swan Skull Replica measures 7.7 inches. Trumpeter Swan Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

The Cygnus buccinator or Trumpeter swan is the largest extant species of waterfowl, and both the heaviest and longest native bird of North America.

Adults usually measure 4 ft 6 in to 5 ft 5 in. long. The weight of adult birds is typically 15–30 lb.

They are loud and somewhat musical creatures, with their cry sounding similar to a trumpet, which gave the bird its name.

In the winter, they migrate to the southern tier of Canada, the eastern part of the northwest states in the United States, especially to the Red Rock Lakes area of Montana, the north Puget Sound region of northwest Washington state. They have been observed as far south as Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Cygnus buccinator or Trumpeter swan feed while swimming, sometimes up-ending or dabbling in reaching submerged food. The diet is almost entirely aquatic plants and occasionally insects.

They will eat both the leaves and stems of submerged and emergent vegetation. They will also dig into muddy substrates underwater to extract roots and tubers.

In winter, they also eat grasses and grains in fields. They will often feed at night as well as by day.

Feeding activity and the Cygnus buccinator or Trumpeter swan weights often peak in the spring as they prepare for the breeding season.