Marsupial Skulls

Marsupial Skulls are museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Marsupial Skulls are made in USA. Our percise marsupial skulls can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home decor skull or office decor skull.

Marsupials are an infraclass of mammals living primarily in the Southern Hemisphere. A distinctive characteristic, common to most species, is that the young are carried in a pouch. Like other mammals in the Metatheria, they are characterized by giving birth to relatively undeveloped young, often residing in a pouch with the mother for a certain time after birth. Close to 70 percent of the 334 extant species occur in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands, with the remaining 100 found in the Americas, primarily in South America, but with 13 in Central America, and one in North America north of Mexico.

We have 39 Marsupial skulls that include the American Badger, Black Forest Wallaby, Brush Tailed Possum, Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby, Coatimundi Coatis, Diprotodon, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Hog Nosed Skunk, Koaloa, Long Nosed Bandicoot, Long Nosed Potoroo, North American Opossum, Northern Brown Bandicoot, Parma Wallaby, Pretty Faced Wallaby, Raccoon, Red Kangaroo, Ring Tailed Possum, Striped Skunk, Sunda Pangaolin, Tasmanian Wolf, Tree Kangaroo, Western Spotted Skunk, Wombat and Woolly Opossum Skull.

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