Cynomys leucurus Skull measures 2.7 inches. Cynomys leucurus Skull is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Made in USA.

The Cynomys leucurus or White-tailed prairie dog or is found in western Wyoming and western Colorado with small areas in eastern Utah and southern Montana.

The largest populations are in Wyoming where they are known colloquially as chiselers.

The Cynomys leucurus or White-tailed prairie dog is tan-brown in color, with large eyes and a dark patch on their cheeks above and below each eye.
Cynomys leucurus are herbivorous, feeding mainly on grass, forbs, and sedges, primarily forbs.

Cynomys leucurus have a complex social system and live in colonies. This species uses visual signals and barks for communication. On average, each colony has 6 different “clans” or families.

These families forage together for food and resources.

The female Cynomys leucurus and their pups are sedentary, meaning they stay close to or inside the burrow, while the male seeks the food.