Geomyidae Bonaparte Skull measures 2.9 inches. Geomyidae Bonaparte Skull is museum quality polyurethane cast. Family of Giant Pocket Gopher

Geomyidae Bonaparte or Giant Pocket Gopher is the largest species of pocket gophers in the family Geomyidae.

The animals are uniformly reddish brown to black in color with pale, sparsely furred undersides.

The bodies of the gophers are covered with sensitive vibrissae. Individual head and body measurements range from 225 mm to 285 mm and tail measurements range from 85mm to 135 mm.

Geomyidae Bonaparte typically weighs around 830 grams. In general, males tend be slightly larger than females as females stop growing as soon as they become sexually mature whereas males grow continuously throughout their lives.

Geomyidae Bonaparte or Giant Pocket gophers in the genus Orthogeomys have thick, stocky bodies with nearly indistinguishable necks.
Their short, naked tails are highly vascularized and very sensitive. As a result, tails are used as a tactile organs and aid the gophers in finding their way through their underground burrows.

Their tails may also serve to regulate the animal’s body temperature, dissipating body heat when burrows become too warm.

Well suited to their underground lifestyle, their eyes and ears are small. Lids tightly seal their eyes and a protective flap covers their auditory canals.

Geomyidae Bonaparte or Giant Pocket gophers have well-developed lacrimal glands that produce a think fluid that keeps their corneas free of dirt.

Their lips can be closed behind their large incisors enabling the gophers to chew away at dirt while digging without getting any in their mouths.