Ichneumon Skull Replica measures 3.9 inches. Ichneumon Skull replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Known as Egyptian Mongoose

The Ichneumon or Egyptian mongoose is a mongoose species native to the coastal regions along the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and Turkey, tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, and shrublands in Africa.

The Ichneumon or Egyptian mongoose’s long, coarse fur is grey to reddish brown and ticked with brown and yellow flecks. Its snout is pointed, its ears are small.

Meals consist of invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Sometimes, Ichneumon even dines on fruit. Eggs are a favored delicacy.

Ichneumon or Egyptian Mongoose have an interesting way of eating eggs: they throw them through their hind legs against something hard like a rock or wall. Also, like their famous relatives, Small Indian Mongooses, Ichneumons have a reputation for snake killing.

It is commonly believed that mongooses are immune to snake poisons, but this is not so. They are described as having lightning-fast reflexes, and they erect all the hair on their bodies when on the attack. This is thought to confuse the reptile. With quick and skillful movement, they seize it from behind the head.

They don’t actually chase their prey but merely encounter it after continuous exploratory walking; then with one speedy strike, make the kill. They can defend themselves from snakes as well.

Egyptian Mongooses have the ability to predict and dodge the strike of a snake attack and then catch the snakes head before another strike

Ichneumon or Egyptian Mongoose also hunt insects. They place their noses to the earth sniffing until they smell an insect and then they either snatch it up as the unsuspecting bug meanders along above ground or dig it out from below the dirt.

Members of this species are very well-known for their ability to catch creatures that are pests to humans. Egyptian mongooses are important in eliminating rats, mice, and especially snakes. They have been introduced to places in hopes of keeping local pest populations in check.

Along with controlling local pests, H. ichneumon is capable of killing harmless birds and mammals and other desirable wildlife. This has lead to the extinction and endangerment of some species.

They are also a serious pest to chicken farmers. Egyptian mongooses have decimated enough species that the importation and possession of these mongooses is forbidden in some countries.