Otter Skull Replicas

Shop for Otter Skull Replicas that are museum quality polyurethane casts. Our Otter Skull Replicas are Made in USA. We are the leading online supplier of precise museum quality animal skulls! Our percise skull can be used as a teaching tool, museum skull exhibit, home decor skull, or office decor skull.

All species of Otters are mammals due to the fact that they give live birth to their offspring and that they nurse from their mothers.

Sea Otter or Enhydra lutris has a small round face that is absolutely adorable. They can be up to 100 pounds.

African Clawless Otter or Aonyx capensis is the second largest of all freshwater species. They have luxurious fur. They have a head that is larger than the other species of Otters.

The European Otter or Lutra lutra has a distinct look to it. While it does have the brownish color of coat, it also features white along the length of it. The white is also under the face and down to the belly.

The Giant Otter or Pteronura brasiliensis features a very long body, similar to that of a weasel. They have shortest fur of all otter species; it is typically chocolate brown, but may be reddish or fawn, and appears nearly black when wet.

Northern American River Otter or Lontra canadensis are very long animals with large sized heads. They feature fur that is very dense. They have extremely long whiskers as well. They have claws and webbed feet that help them in the water and on land. In addition to being brown or black, they also feature some areas of light gold.

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