Bush Hyrax Skull Replica measures 2.9 inches. Bush Hyrax Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast.

The name-giving feature of the Bush Hyrax is a dorsal gland located on the lower back beneath a raised skin patch about 1.5 cm long and surrounded by erectile hairs. However, not all Heterohyrax species have a dorsal gland.

The secretions of the gland stain a dorsal spot of reddish-ochre to a dirty white coloration, but most commonly appears yellow. The gland is associated with sexual arousal and also plays a role in maternal recognition by young.

Bush Hyrax have molariform teeth that are brachydont, meaning they have short crowns and well-developed roots. The bush hyrax has an upper premolar series that is the same length as the molar series.

Hyraxes have upper tusk-like upper incisors and four lower incisors that are comb-like and used to groom the fur. While the incisors do not differentiate between the hyraxes, they do differ between sexes. Males have rigid upper incisors, while the females have rounded upper incisors.

Genetic variation is minimal within Bush Hyrax. Genetic variation analysis suggests that females have a higher rate of gene transfer which may be due to greater migration success and longer migration distances of females than males.

Data also show that female Bush Hyrax immigrate into colonies more frequently than males.