Crossarchus Skull Replica measures 3.0 inches. Crossarchus Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane resin cast. Known as Flat-headed kusimanses

Crossarchus or Flat-headed kusimanses have a range covering southern Nigeria, Benin, and Cameroon, with rare sightings as far south as Gabon.
The range overlaps with Alexander’s kusimanse on the southern border of Cameroon.

Crossarchus or Flat-headed kusimanses live in moderately dense rainforests with abundant natural debris, such as fallen logs and rocky structures, which provide them with protection from predators.

They are commonly found in lowland forests with damp and cool environments and are also found in forest-savannah mosaics.

Crossarchus or Flat-headed kusimanses have a preference for environments that contain African oil palms that serves as protection from predators as well as suitable resting and mating places.

Crossarchus or Flat-headed kusimanses excavate burrows, often using abandoned termite mounds. They have been sighted up to 1200 m above sea level, but prefer to remain in rainforests with nearby sources of freshwater. Although primarily terrestrial, flat-headed kusimanses are occasionally arboreal.