Daman de streppe Skull Replica measures 2.9 inches. Daman de streppe Skull Replica is museum quality polyurethane cast. Also known as the Yellow Spotted Bush Hyrax.

Daman de streppe or Hyraxes are known to be excellent climbers due to this specialization and it has even been observed that if shot, they will remain perpendicular on the rock surface as if stuck to the surface.

The forepaw has three well-developed digits, a rudimentary thumb, and a small fifth digit. Their digits have flat, hoof-like nails, except for the second digit, which has long, curved claw that is used for grooming. The hind paw is similar except lacking a big toe and the fifth digit is rudimentary.

Genetic variation is minimal within Daman de streppe. Genetic variation analysis suggests that females have a higher rate of gene transfer which may be due to greater migration success and longer migration distances of females than males.

Data also show that female Daman de streppe immigrate into colonies more frequently than males.

The penis of the Daman de streppe or bush hyrax is complex and distinct from that of the other hyrax genera. It has a short, thin appendage within a cup-like glans penis and measures greater than 6 cm when erect.

It has been observed that the Daman de streppe or bush hyrax also has a greater distance between the anus and preputial opening in comparison to other hyraxes. The testes are permanently intra-abdominal and vary in size depending upon season.

Females have four mammae, two pectoral and two inguinal. They also have a uterus that is bicornuate, and a placenta that is chorioallantoic.

The Daman de streppe is likely a reservoir for Leishmania aethiopica. One study captured 48 hyraxes from various colonies from 3 different locations in Ethiopia. Of these, three were infected with Leishmania aethiopia.

There were no visible lesions and no amastigote stage parasites present on  thus indicating that the bush hyrax is a reservoir and not a suitable host.