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Geoffroy’s Ocelot or Leopardus geoffroyi is a small wild cat native to the southern and central regions of South America.

The Geoffroy’s Ocelot or Leopardus geoffroyi is about the size of a domestic cat, but has numerous black spots and dark bands on the cheeks, head and neck as well as on the tail and limbs.

The background color of its fur varies from a brownish-yellow coat in the northern part of its range to a more grayish coat in the south. The underbelly hair is cream-colored or even white. The backs of the ears are black with white spots. Black individuals are common.

Its size is about 24 in. in head and body with a relatively short tail of about 12 in. It weighs between 4.4 and 11.0 lb., though individuals up to 17 lb. have been reported.

Geoffroy’s Ocelot obey basic rules of wild animal genetics. The large cats are from the southern quarter of Argentina. They have longer coats that are waterproof, and the undercoat is dense. This coat helps to conserve body heat.

The smallest cats are from Paraguay. Here the coat is shorter and is coarse and lies close to the body to help keep the body cooler in the heat near the equator.

Geoffroy’s Ocelot coat color also changes with geography. Coat color ranges from silver-gray through ocher-yellow to brownish-yellow. All cats are covered with back spots of nearly equal size placed at equal distance from one another.

Some cats have markings on shoulders and flanks which tend to form rosettes and wavy lines. The head is streaked and spotted. The tail is spotted and ringed with a white spot at the tip.

Like many wild cats, the ears of Geoffroy’s Ocelot have the white spot behind. The paw pads are usually dark, the nose a brick red and eye color that ranges from clear gold to amber.

This species is usually 18 to 27 inches long with an average size of 23 inches. Tail length average is 14 inches.